As the first Certified Olive Oil Sommelier in Wales, my curiosity has me hooked on all things EVOO.  Quality extra virgin oil, made with love and respect for the harvest tastes pure and alive with its fruity or grassy, nutty or peppery undertones. Fruit juice pure and simple and abundant in goodness as well as taste.


“In 2016, I travelled to the beautiful shores of Lake Garda in Italy to train as a sommelier with a great bunch of people from around the world including producers and tasters from Turkey, Spain, Australia, and the USA. Together we learned how to smell and taste oil, how to identify defects and the importance of freshness and balance in a quality oil. On-going learning and judging helps to hone the palette and being a part of the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a lifetime commitment. And so I’m excited to be tasting some beautiful oils from across the globe and to be able to share these with you through collaborations, educational workshops, supper clubs and our very own Tasters’ Club.”

EVOO is an amazing food, with the power to heal and soothe. It’s great for the immune system, lowering cholesterol and the body’s aches and pains. Above all, its versatility makes it perfect on your muesli, morning porridge, or toast and marmalade; fabulous on a salad, sandwich or soup for lunch and the perfect way to cook your evening meal. 

Most importantly, it’s a food to be enjoyed and used daily. I’m a firm believer in the medicinal power of food and EVOO is right up there with the big hitters.

Work with Me

Firstly, if you organise guest speakers for a catering or hospitality course where an EVOO tasting and workshop would give your students (both chefs and front of house) the edge over rival colleges; Secondly, have a restaurant or bar that uses events to build and reward loyalty and would like to arrange a collaborative project (virtually if necessary); Thirdly, how about a tutored tasting for your Supper Club, W.I. meeting or any other group event? Get in touch, I work flexibly and my talks are always entertaining, inclusive and fun with plenty to learn and group discussion encouraged. 

And of course, there’s The Tasters’ Club which meets regularly to critique ‘Not on the High Street’ oils with a story and history that shines through and keeps us licking our lips. Remember to introduce me to your oil if you’re an artisan or small batch producer who’d be interested in supplying our Tasters’ Club.  

I’m also delighted to be the UK Coordinator for Women in Olive Oil (WIOO). Check out their Facebook Page.

And finally, get in touch for more details on anything you’ve seen on this site.  

Karen O

The Olive Oil Taster